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Svein-Magnus Sørensen (2001)

I was born in the rainy city of Bergen in 1980, but we moved soon after so I got to grow up in the coastal town of Harstad in northern-Norway. During my childhood I participated in a wide range of various sports and activities and eventually ended up most active in Snowboarding and Golf. I was also a dedicated boy-scout for many years, through which I was familiarized with an outdoor lifestyle and adventurous activities such as hiking, caving and sailing. Furthermore my passion for adventurous travelling was sparked while accompanying my parents on their holiday travels throughout most of Europe during this time, and I was also exposed to computers at home from my first years of school, and decided early on that I wanted to work with IT when I grew up.

I completed both primary and secondary school in Harstad, as well as 3 years of high-school in General, economic and administrative studies at Heggen VGS, graduating with the Class of '99. Before going on to university studies I first went back to my birthplace for one year of mandatory military service in the Norwegian Coastal Artillery, being stationed on the small island of Herdla outside of Bergen.

University studies

Svein-Magnus Sørensen (2003)

Based on my desire to work with IT it was natural for me to pick the city of Trondheim for my studies, since the technical university there is regarded as the best in Norway. I started out doing one-year foundation programme in informatics at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU), but found engineering to be more interesting than academics and switched to a 3-year degree-programme in computer-engineering at Sør-Trøndelag University College (HiST). There I also began taking a more active part in the student community by among other things participating in the Trondheim Technical Society and volunteering for the International Student Festival in Trondheim, as well as serving on the board of the computer engineering students fraternity. During this time I also decided to realize my dream of studying abroad, and after two years at HiST I moved to the other side of the world to complete the final year of my degree in Brisbane, Australia as a Study Abroad student at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

After spending a year down under and experiencing much of the south-pacific I returned to NTNU as a post-grad in 2004 to do a master of science degree in communications technology. Upon returning I also was accepted into and became an active member of the entrepenurial student organization Start NTNU which inspired me to apply for and be among the few to get accepted for the Norwegian School of Entrepeneurship summer-course in San Francisco, a graduate-level study-programme in entrepreneurship and innovation that combines studies with an internship in a real Silicon Valley startup, the perfect place to be for an IT-guy and an excellent addition to my main fields of study.
See my education page for further details on the degrees, courses and projects I completede during my studies.

Working life

Svein-Magnus Sørensen (2010)

Upon my second return to Norway with a masters degree to my name, I moved to the capital of Oslo where my desire to work in IT finally became reality. There I started out my working life as a Knowledge Engineer for the Norwegian IT-consulting company Computas, doing web-development in both Java and .NET technologies. With me also being interested in entreprenurial work and the business side of things this was a somewhat unfulfilling job in the long run, so after three years I moved on to become a Business Analyst with Itera Consulting from where I moved to a position as a Software Solutions Evangelist with NSA that could provide broader set of tasks and challenges in my daily work, but still has a primary focus on technology. In addition to my day-job I have also started a side business of hosting chocolate tasting events, a passion I picked up during a series of frequent travels to Brussels, and I'm an active Open Data advocate.
For more information on my career until now, see the overview on my experience page.

Professionally I aim to build a solid career by being a hard worker and striving to achieve perfection in everything I do. To further my goals I am also an active networker, through which I hope to find and become friends and colleagues with the people that will one day make up a winning team around me. My motivation for this is to get to a point where I have the freedom to live my dream and travel the world on new adventures.

"Dream as if you'll live forever; live as if you'll die tomorrow."

- James Dean