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Interests, passions and activities

What I spend my free time doing or dreaming about.

Travelling the world

My travelmap by TripAdvisor Without a doubt my single favorite activity is travelling! I love the thrill of new experiences and seeing fantastic places for the very first time. I completely love everything about it! Be that taking in mountain top views of the American Rockys, snorkling from a paradise beach in the middle of the pacific ocean, navigating the sensory explosion of the marketplaces in Asia or Afrika or visiting musty old castles in the heartland of old Europe. Experiences like these are what most of my disposable income is destined for :-)
See more about my travels here.

Fine chocolate

My sweet tooth combined with a long term stay in Belgium sparked a deep interest in chocolate that has led me onto the path of chocolate connoisseurship. My focus goes particularly in the direction of the fine dark chocolates that are being made in France and Italy from high quality Venezuelan cacao of the criollo variety, and through tasting and learning I've found an appreciation for such chocolates similar to how many regard fine wine. If this sounds fascinating and you would like to learn more, a good place to start is by reading more about it in my blog. Also I'm available to hold private introductory chocolate tastings for a fee, you can find information about this on my chocolate appreciation page.

Snowboarding & skiing

Since I was little I have been skiing during wintertime. While the forced cross-country trips with my parents taught me the skill it did not make me enjoy it very much, so I much prefer the alpine sport of downhill slalom. Since mastering the steepest slopes on slalom-skiis as a teenager I have switched to the more challenging sport of snowboarding. However due to my many other commitments I rarely find the time to spend full days up in the slopes, so I normally just get about half a dozen days on the board during a season, but I try to get some rollerblading in during summer as well as it requires some of the same skills.

Scuba-diving and water-sports

After spending a year studying in Australia in 2003 I took the PADI Advanced Open Water scuba-license and has been hooked on spending time under water since. I love diving all over the world, and try to get down whenever I have the chance, but only as long as the water is warm! When I returned to Trondheim after getting certified I did some polar dives to learn the neccessary skills of dry-suit diving, but didn't enjoy it very much compared to warmer climates, so I usually reserve my diving for when I'm on vacations or during summertime. In addition I also love other kinds of water-activities like surfing, waterskiing and riding waverunners at high speeds!


With the opening of a 9-hole golf-course in my hometown in 1995, I got my green-card and started playing regularly while I was in high-school. However due to a lack of flight-mates after I left Harstad I have not frequented the greens as much as I would have liked, but I do get out there from time to time to keep my skills somewhat honed so that I can join in whenever there is an opportunity.

Books and movies

Next to all the outdoors activities I do I also enjoy very much to just sit down and read a book or watch a movie. With books I am especially fond of Fantasy and Science-Fiction, but I also read other contemporary literature and historical novels.
As an avid film-buff I'm not very particular on specific categories and will enjoy most movies when in the right state of mind, but for repeated viewings I amongst other things prefer the works of Tony Scott and Peter Jackson, in addition to historical war-movies, which together make up a large portion of my DVD-collection.


As a playful soul I like various kinds of games very much, especially as they help relax and unwind by getting my mind on something completely different. This of course includes some casino-games like Poker and Blackjack, but mostly I'm into RPG's, cardgames, regular boardgames and puzzles of various kinds. Computer games is something I enjoyed very much earlier but which I rarely find time for anymore, mostly because they require one to invest too much time to learn the required skills and tactics to be really good at them.

Other things

In addition to all of the above I am interested in cooking, and even more I love eating high-class cuisine or just heavenly dishes like pancakes or waffles. I got a real sweet tooth, and it is because of it I have gotten into Chocolate Connoisseurship. I also dabble in amateur photography and videography, and I have taken an active part in many organizations and societies that I find interesting. More about that on my experience page. In addition I also love all kinds of extreme-sports, from bungee-jumping through white-water rafting and parachuting to any kind of high-speed motorsports.
"Our life is what our thoughts make it."

- Marcus Aurelius