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That I have attended as an organizer, speaker, participant or through other involvements.

27-28. Oct 2014Smidig 2014SpeakerOslo, Norway
25. Oct 2014Origin Chocolate 2014ParticipantAmsterdam, Netherlands
21-22. Oct 2014Digital Winners 2014ParticipantFornebu, Norway
10-11. Sep 2014Javazone 2014SpeakerOslo, Norway
26-27. Mar 2014Software 2014ParticipantOslo, Norway
5-6. Nov 2013Smidig 2013SpeakerOslo, Norway
18-20. Oct 2013Salon du Chocolat London 2013ParticipantLondon, England
11-12. Sep 2013JavaZone 2013ParticipantOslo, Norway
22-24. Mar 2013Salon du Chocolat Zürich 2013ParticipantZürich, Switzerland
13-14. Feb 2013Software 2013SpeakerOslo, Norway
5-6. Nov 2012Smidig 2012SpeakerOslo, Norway
12-13. Sep 2012JavaZone 2012SpeakerOslo, Norway
23. Apr 2012GoOpen 2012SpeakerOslo, Norway
9-13 Mar 2012SXSW Interactive 2012ParticipantAustin, Texas, USA
8. Feb 2012Communities in Action 2012Track hostOslo, Norway
17. Nov 2011Appworks 03ParticipantOslo, Norway
14-15 Nov 2011Smidig 2011Open Space organizerOslo, Norway
07-08 Sep 2011Javazone XParticipantOslo, Norway
8-10. June 2011NDC 2011ParticipantOslo, Norway
23-25. May 2011Roots 2011SpeakerBergen, Norway
22. Mar 2011Communities in Action 2011SpeakerOslo, Norway
22-23. Mar 2011GoOpen 2011ParticipantOslo, Norway
9. Feb 2011Software 2011ParticipantOslo, Norway
19. Oct 2010Appworks 01SpeakerOslo, Norway
28. Sep 2010Kunnskapstinget 2010ParticipantOslo, Norway
08-09 Sep 2010Javazone 2010Speaker / panelistOslo, Norway
01-04 June 2010XP2010SpeakerTrondheim, Norway
10. May 2010Communities in Action 2010SpeakerOslo, Norway
19-20 Apr 2010GoOpen 2010ParticipantOslo, Norway
11-12 Nov 2009Defrag 2009SpeakerDenver, Colorado, USA
22-23 Oct 2009Smidig 2009SpeakerOslo, Norway
09-10 Sep 2009Javazone 2009SpeakerOslo, Norway
16-17 Apr 2009GoOpen 2009SpeakerOslo, Norway
15. Apr 2009Sun Community One NorthParticipantOslo, Norway
17-18 Sep 2008Javazone 2008ParticipantOslo, Norway
08-09 Apr 2008GoOpen 2008ParticipantOslo, Norway
15-16 Oct 2007Yggdrasil 2007ParticipantLillehammer, Norway
12-13 Sep 2007Javazone 2007ParticipantOslo, Norway
07-10 Aug 2006Search Engine Strategies: San Jose 2006Booth staffSan Jose, California, USA
19-22 Oct 2005TechnoportBooth staffTrondheim, Norway
10-12 Oct 2005Elkjøp EL-BIT 2005ParticipantLillestrøm, Norway
29. May 2004ANSA ScanOZParticipantBrisbane, Australia

Conference descriptions

Salon du Chocolat

Salon du Chocolat is the world's largest chocolate show with exhibits from the top chocolate companies and brands internationally, as well as demonstrations, talks and interactive workshops from acclaimed chocolatiers and chefs.


Software is Norways most important meeting place for IT-professionals. Courses and networkign is in focus for 3 days at 20 relevant tracks with top speakers and a skilled audience. As a participant you will meet colleagues, competitors, partners, providers, users and clients in a good mix. It is a top arena to share competencies and experiences.


Appworks is a conference for mobile software developers, providing knowledge on the state of the art for developing applications for smartphones.


Kunnskapstinget is a conference on knowledge management and sharing by the Norwegian Computer Society. The goal of the conference is to provide an overview of concrete experiences and create discussion around what it takes to create success in this field.

XP: The International Conference on Agile Software Development

The XP International Conference on Agile Software Development, is a leading international conference on agile methods in software and information systems development. XP bring together software and information systems professionals, both researchers and practitioners, to discuss the latest trends, applications, and theory, share experiences, and reveal new research results in agile software development.


The Smidig conference is is a multi-disciplinary initiative around agile systems development and organization for everyone working with IT-projects. It is put together by volunteers from a wide range of businesses with a common interest in Agile methodologies, and it puts attendees in focus by having a wide range of lightening talks and open space sessions in such a way that most of the attendees are also presenters. This conference has been an annual event since 2007.


GoOpen is a conference from the Norwegian National Innovation Center for Open Source that aim to promote the use of open source in the public sector, inspire Norwegian and international vendors to use open source and open standards in their products and also to help and facilitate developers and investors to see business opportunities within open source. The content of the conference consists of keynotes, tracks and break-out-sessions, with developer tracks planned in corporation with among others the Norwegian Unix User Group, Oslo Perl Mongers and in Norway.


Yggdrasil is Norways largest conference on usability since 1998 with about 300 participants. It is a meeting place for the different disciplines related to user interfaces and user documentation, including technical authors, course developers, information architects, interaction designers and user interface programmers. This combination makes Yggdrasil a unique conference in the Nordic area.

JavaZone - exploring the frontiers

JavaZone is the largest gathering of developers in the Nordic area, the conference being held annually since 1994. It is focused on Java-related technology and could be described as a miniature JavaOne. They offer a combination of tuturials, technical talks and an exhibition in an intimate atmosphere with an expected number of 2000-3000 participants. I've attended this conference regularly both as a participant and as a speaker and panelist.

Search Engine Strategies

Search Engine Strategies is the leading global conference & expo series that keeps you informed about search engine advertising, including optimization and marketing issues. It is the premier world event for Search Engine Marketing & Optimization companies. I attended this conference as booth staff for SearchForce Inc. where I held a summer-internship.

Technoport - An open door technology festival

The objective of Technoport is to open up between various fields of technology and lines of business, and allow people to experience this by looking at, touching, and being intrigued by technology. How was the technology developed? How does it work? What are the consequences? How will technology influence our lives in the future? The Technoport festival is an umbrella for a range of sub-conferences within the Innovation, ICT, Health and Energy-industries. I've attended this as both booth-staff on the Innovation conference for Start NTNU, and as a participant on the ICT conference in relation to my masters specialization project.

Elkjøp EL-BIT 2005

This company-only conference is organized for employees of the Elkjøp-group, having a focus on product training and information on new products and services that will be available in the stores over the next 6 months. I followed the combined speaker-series for salesmen working with computers, telecom and multimedia products as training for my position as a sales consultant with Lefdal.

ANSA ScanOZ - Creating Connections

To better improve trade-relations between Norway and Australia, the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad arranges the ScanOZ job-fair/conference where Norwegian and Australian companies can meet each other as well as students from both countries to better appreciate the professional and social values that the two countries have to offer each other. I participated on the first annual fair as a student to begin building my career plans.