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Professional certifications

Details on various lectures, seminars and workshops which I have attended independently of a degree.
See also the list of conferences that I have attended or participated in.

Certified Information Technology Architect - Foundation (CITA-F)

Nov 2016
Course type:Lectures & workshop
Instructor:Paul Preiss
Duration:2 days + exam
Iasa Architect CITA-F (Foundation) Core Training Program develops a clear pathway and defined baseline for successful IT architects. The Iasa Core Course for IT Architects gives an architect knowledge of models and tools for developing IT architectures that meet the demands of modern business. The course focuses on:
Architecture Thinking: building a solid foundation and ensuring architects think like architects
Architecture Engagement: understanding the role and how architects engage
Architecture Demand: discovering ways to understand the demands of the business
Architecture Supply: Fulfilling that demand and delivering the architecture
Architecture Practice: How best to build the practice of architecture within your organization

Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience - Foundation (CPUX-F)

Apr 2016
Course type:Lectures & workshop
Duration:2 days + exam
The certificate “UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level (CPUX-F)” attests that the certificate holder is familiar with basic terms and concepts of usability and user experience, and able to apply basic concepts in the following areas of competence:
  • The human-centred design process
  • Definitions, concepts and guidelines
  • Understanding and specifying the context of use
  • Specifying the user requirements
  • Producing design solutions
  • Usability tests
  • Usability inspections and user surveys

Telenor Certified Information Systems Architect

Apr 2013
Course type:Lectures & workshop
Instructor:Audun Borander
Duration:2 days + exam
Telenor-internal information systems architect certification course covering architectural principles, projectmodels, governance structure, estimation, business cases, requirements handling, information and process modelling, quality management and operations architecture.

Independent courses, workshops and other training

Details on various lectures, seminars and workshops which I have attended independently of a degree.
See also the list of conferences that I have attended or participated in.

Enterprise Design Thinking

Jan 2018
Course type:Lectures & workshop
Instructor:Isabelle Maudru
Organizer:IBM Studios Montpellier
Duration:2 days
An introduction to Enterprise Design Thinking with two days of workshops and lectures to get hands on experience with the design thinking concept development process.

Sopra Steria Arkitektskole - TOGAF in practice

Dec 2012
Course type:Lectures & workshop
Organizer:Sopra Steria
Duration:10 lectures + examination
The Sopra Steria Architect School is a 3 month training programme in software architecture skills with a series of lecures and workshops, ending in the presentation of an architecture design document as an examination. The course covers the following skills and themes:
  • What is the role of the architect and how do you achieve the best possible in it?
  • What skills should an architect have?
  • How do we create and communicate good architectures?
  • Practical work in designing architecture for new projects
  • How to manage architecture in established projects?
  • How does implementation methodology affect the design of solutions, and what are the pitfalls for designing the solution?
  • How to address quality requirements in the project?

ServiceNow System Administration Fundamentals

Dec 2012
Course type:Lectures & workshop
Instructor:Nic Frangos
Duration:3 days
The ServiceNow Fundamentals course summarize fundamental platform features including the ServiceNow user interface, the database schema, demonstrating uses for commonly accessed applications, and introducing advanced functionality such as scripting and application development with a combination of lectures, group discussions and relevant lab exercises giving extensive hands-on practice and skill reinforcement.

Quantitative Architecture with Tom Gilb

Dec 2012
Course type:Lectures & workshop
Instructor:Tom Gilb
Organizer:Oslo Software Architecture
Duration:2 days
An introduction to competetive engineering, systems development and architecture planning using quantification and measurements to define requirements and confirm results using the Evo methodology.

Financial Analysis of Companies

Apr 2012
Course type:Lectures & workshop
Instructor:Tor Hofstad
Duration:1 night
An introduction to accounting for businesses and the required analytical skills needed to control and evaluate any business. Company financial statements are public documents available to everyone, but statements can hide many facts in the stated figures. Accounting analysis means using the figures in financial statements to evaluate the underlying economic conditions, and form a picture of how healthy and strong the business is.

Java Enterprise Edition

Feb 2012
Course type:Lectures & workshop
Instructor:Hamid Samadi
Duration:3 days
Condensed 5-day course in Java Enterprise Edition features for experienced developers, covering: Java EE Platform overview, tiers, and architecture, Design Patterns, MVC and Servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaServer Faces (JSF), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), JPA (Java Persistence API), JTA (Java Transactional API), JMS (Java Messaging Service), MDB (Message Driven Beans).

Information Architecture Essentials

Feb 2011
Course type:Conference workshop
Instructor:Donna Spencer
Organizer:Dataforeningen / Software 2011
Duration:1 day
This full day workshop provided a thorough overview and understanding of information architecture theory & practice. It covered a wide range of IA issues, including an understanding of how it fits into a project, fundamental skills and knowledge required for IA work and current IA issues. It was theoretical and practical to allow for immediate application of the ideas to own projects.

Practical workshop management

Sep 2010
Course type:Workshop
Instructor:Bent Kristiansen
Duration:1 day
This course provides insight into how to conduct successful workshops to improve efficiency in projects, ensuring a common understanding of problems and solutions and anchoring decisions. You learn to use proven techniques that can increase creativity, enhance cooperation and facilitate decisions in workshops.

Building a Kanban-system

May 2010
Course type:Workshop
Instructor:Mattias Skarin
Duration:1 day
Learn how to introduce kanban and techniques to identify and implement improvements in your workflow that will provide increased efficiency. Kanban is a lean-based process tool with low overhead. The flexibility and simplicity makes Kanban works well in a wide range of activities, from sales to development, operation and management. A high degree of visualization makes it easier for team members to contribute to better decisions as well as easier for managers who work longer term.

Design training in Silverlight and Expression Blend 3

Dec 2009
Course type:Workshop
Instructor:Michael Koester
Duration:2 days
In this training we practiced on creating data-connected Silverlight applications that use the latest features like maps, audio and video, DeepZoom and interactivity. This training focused on the design part and we created fully functional applications. All the fundamental concepts of designing and developing for Silverlight was introduced through a set of hands-on exercises and demos.

Project Management for Entrepreneurs

Mar 2009
Course type:Lecture
Instructor:Sigrid Klæboe Jacobsen (Holte Consulting)
Duration:1 night
Project management is just about good planning and systematic monitoring of activities in terms of time, resources, scope, and quality changes. In addition, communication both externally with customers and authorities within crucial for projects to succeed. This course provides a taste of project management as a discipline based on the PMI methodology, including: An overview of the key elements of a good project plan. Typical project phases and what should be emphasized in each of the phases. Some simple "tools / checklists" that can be used in the project. Key concepts and definitions. Pitfalls and Common Mistakes.

Practical Creativity and Creativity in Organizations

Jan - Feb 2009
Course type:Lectures
Instructor:Stig Hjerkinn Haug
Göran Erikson
Duration:2 nights
These are two seperate courses on creativity that go very well together. In Learn to Fly - Practical Creativity" by Stig&Stein they cover motivations, myths, limitations, inspirations and practical implementations of creative methodologies. "Creativity in an organization" by Göran Erikson at Better Working Life take a more look at how creativity can be the catalyst for developing a good working environment. I have blogged in detail about both these courses, see the links for each course.

Working on boards and committees

Nov 2008 - Mar 2009
Course type:Lectures
Instructor:Tor Hofstad
Duration:6 nights
This course-series consists of lectures on Practical boardwork, Boards in organizations, Boardwork and economics, Organizational ethics, and Leading formal meetings. It covers basic conditions for working on a board or any kind of committee, particularily employee representatives in larger companies, dealing with practical issues that come up when working any kind of boards, including corporations, organizations and co-ownerships. The main focus is on the main tasks a board should do, and how to do them, as well as other practical things like how boards are evaluated, can do economic reviews and how they organize internally.

Law for Entrepreneurs

Sep 2007
Course type:Lectures
Instructor:Roger Sporsheim
Øystein Bråta
Duration:1 night
This is a dynamic crash course in business law and the valuation of a company's four phases: establishment, growth, recession and exit strategies. The course will be highly dynamic and based on the participants it will address the key legal issues and principles for the valuation of the various phases of a company at a higher level. Keywords covered are types of companies, shareholder agreements, employment contracts, financing, due diligence and acquisitions and disposals. The purpose of the lecture is to provide tips and advice on what entrepreneurs will need a lawyer for and what they can do on their own.

Oslo XP / Oslo Lean / UX Meetup

Nov 2007 - present
Course type:Lectures
Duration:1-2 nights/month
These meetups are monthly informal gatherings for people working with agile software development methods and interaction design in Oslo, Norway. Each meetup usually has a couple of lectures and/or lightening talks on various subjects related to the topic of the meetup. Common themes are beginners courses in upcoming technology, design principles, software testing, programming dojos, project estimation, collaborative tools, best practices and experience reports.

Seminars on IT, entrepreneurship and innovation

Oct 2006 - Oct 2011
Course type:Lectures
Organizer:See below
Duration:Generally half-days or nights
Since completing my studies I have been active in several organizations related to my education and profession, many of which regularily host events that includes seminars or workshops on various topics related to the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and information technology. I have attended a wide array of such seminars on many topics including the following:
  • Business networking
  • Bonus negotiations
  • Internationalization
  • Career development
  • Stock market valuation
  • Globalization and the knowledge society
  • EUCIP competency standards
  • Information technology strategy
  • Mobile business-trends
  • Web 2.0 and social networks
  • Innovation strategies
  • Innovative Group Methods

The hosts and sponsors for these seminars include but are not limited to the following groups:

Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP 5)

Aug 2008 - Nov 2008
Course type:Certification training
Duration:4 months self study with 6 group sessions
To increase my value as a software developer, Computas encouraged me to study for and take the SCJP-certification exam. It is considered to be one of the toughest of the vendor-specific foundation certifications available. The certification show that one have gained proficiency in the fundamentals of the Java programming language especially, and in object-oriented programming in general, and is a prerequisite for the higher level Sun certifications. I did not complete the final exam due to switching employers, but I had followed the internal study sessions with Computas for 4 months.

Site Seeing: Communicating successfully through Design

Oct 2007
Course type:Conference workshop
Instructor:Luke Wroblewski
Organizer:Dataforeningen / Yggdrasil 2007
Duration:1 day
In this half-day seminar Luke Wroblewski will share practical insights and strategies for boosting a site's presentation and delighting its users. The more emphasis you place on communicating visually, the easier it is for people to understand and use your interface designs. Through a series of presentations, interactive discussions, and hands-on exercises, Luke will teach you the core design principles that will affect your site's success.

Innocent Code: Security for web programmers

Oct 2006
Course type:Workshops
Organizer:Sverre H. Huseby
Duration:4 full-day sessions
All webdevelopers at Computas are required to attend this security course by Sverre H. Huseby based on his book "Innocent Code". It covers how common programming errors make a web site open to attacks, even with both firewalls and encryption in place and how the programmer play a major role when it comes to the security of a web site through a series of talks and practical excercises.

Computas Competence Blocks

Oct 2006 - Nov 2008
Course type:Lectures & workshops
Duration:~20 half and full-day sessions
Employees of Computas are expected to follow internal lectures on a number of topics related to the business area and practices of the company during their tenure. These courses include blocks on company specific items like company history and culture, stock-ownership, project management philosophies and development best-practices, but also sessions on other skills like project estimation, cryptography and security, user errors, interaction design, test-driven development, integration-platforms, software training and other fields related to the trade.

Elkjøp Academy: Sales Training 1B

Oct 2005
Course type:Lectures & workshops
Duration:3 full days
A basic training programme available for employees in the Elkjøp group. The topics covered by the 1B programme includes sales technique training from approach to closing, finding and using product knowledge, field-specific presentations of current products, planning a store layout and implementation of the Elkjøp-group store design plans and visual profile. I used these skills during my work at Lefdal Elektromarked.

Project report writing

Sept 2005
Course type:Lectures
Duration:3 nights
Along with the writing of a specialization project and a masters thesis during the last year of graduate studies, NTNU offered a course in writing project reports to last year students. The topics covered were how to do research, common report layouts, finding and using references, best working practices and tips on how to get started and finish on schedule. These skills were put to use in the writing of my Masters thesis on which I achieved a Distinction grade.

Presentation techniques

Apr 2005
Course type:Workshops
Organizer:NTNU Studentservice
Duration:3 days
To best prepare students for life after graduation, NTNU offers a comprehensive training course in presentation techniques and public speaking to graduate students. The course covers all parts of a successful presentation, including proper preparation, building a case/speech, body language, choice of words, use of powerpoint and overheads and closing statements. The course both taught the theoretical background for presentations and it provided ample oppourtunity to exercise and improve your presentation skills through private review of your taped performance and personalized advice. I have been using the skills I perfected in this course in many both professional and private presentations.

Facilitation of creative processes

Feb 2005
Course type:Workshops
Organizer:NTNU Oasen kreativLAB
Duration:4 nights
To improve the impact and efficiency of the Start NTNU event "Fantasi", a special course in facilitation and management of creative processes were held for us by Oasen KreativLAB at NTNU. The course gave theoretical and practical training in building, managing and channeling a flow of ideas towards the desired goal or solution by using a wide range of techniques. These included positivity awareness, brainstorming, De Bono's thinking hats, TRIZ, the Creative-compass, mind mapping and several other methods to influence and control the creative output of a group. These skills were then put into practical use at the Fantasi-event a few weeks later.

Norwegian Guide Federation touristguide course (Harstad locality)

May 2002
Course type:Lectures & training
Organizer:Norwegian Guide Federation
Duration:3 full days
Before starting my second summer working as a tourist-guide at the Adolf-gun in Harstad through Destination Harstad, I attended a official 3 day course in tourist-guiding that included how to speak, separating langugages, microphone-techniques, bus-guiding and manners, as well as area specific information on the background of all the main sights and historical buildings and events in Harstad.

Treasurer for Organizations

Mar 2002
Course type:Lectures
Organizer:Trondheim Teknikersamfunn
Duration:2 nights
Trondheim Teknikersamfunn holds a course in bookkeeping and law for organizations for all treasurers of its sub-groups, and as I was elected treasurer of LoS I got to attend. The course covered book-keeping techniques, skills and the theory behind the layout of accounting-books, as well as details of Norwegian law regarding accounting in voulenteer organizations and the limitations and duties that are required when doing accounting for these.

Various courses for students

Oct 2001 - Oct 2005
Course type:Lectures
Organizers: PVV
Start NTNU
Duration:1-2 nights each
Over the course of my studies I have attended a wide range of introductory evening-courses in various topics as arranged by the different student organizations that I used to be involved with. These courses have amongst other things covered the following topics:
  • Touch type-writing (Half-year, weekly course)
  • Personal marketing and branding
  • Patents and Intellectual property rights
  • How to write a Business Plan
  • Secure communications with PGP
  • App-programming for mobile devices
  • Web-administration with eZ-Publish
  • Webdevelopment in PHP
  • Programming in Python

Radio technician and program host

Sept 1995 - Mar 1998
Course type:Training
Organizer:Radio Harstad
Extent:2 nights / week
As Radio Harstad is run by youth it is dependant on providing on the job training for all its workers. During my tenure there I first followed courses for several levels of radio technician, and later also to be a program host. The technician courses covered usage of a mixing-table and related equipment (CD, MC, DAT, MiniDisc, phone-interface, etc), studio-setup and practicalities for both live and recorded broadcasts, as well as editing techniques for both analog (tape cut'n'splice) and digital (Minidisc) media. The program host course covered studio, phone and field interviewing, planning and performing radio shows, as well as techniques for keeping the flow in a program and Norwegian broadcasting customs.