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Companies and government

Details on commerical and government entities I have been working with and for.

Netcompany AS

Location:Oslo, Norway
Established:2000 (as Mesan IT AS)
Employees:2500 (in 2019)

Netcompany Logo
Netcompany is the fastest growing IT service company and a leading digital challenger in Northern Europe. We are building modern IT solutions and introducing advanced use of technology for large global customers in agile teams based on modern legacy free technology and industry standards.

SNC-Lavalin Atkins AS

Location:Oslo, Norway
Established:1987 (as Terramar AS)
Employees:80 (in 2019)

Atkins Logo
SNC-Lavalin Atkins is a global, fully integrated professional services, design and project management company.

Sopra Steria 909 088
Location:Oslo, Norway
Established:1995 (as Bull&Co Integris)
Employees:1300 (in 2015)

Sopra Steria Logo
Sopra Steria is one of Europe’s leading international management and IT consulting firms. The company offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of end to end service offerings in the market, including business and IT consulting, infrastructure and system integrations, digital solutions and operations. Sopra Steria knows a variety of industries from the inside, and is trusted by leading private and public organisations in Scandinavia.

Medialounge AS 615 901
Location:Gjøvik / Oslo, Norway
Employees:3 (in 2014)

Medialounge Logo
Medialounge is a startup company that was founded in 2013 by Henriette Hedløv and Jorunn Flydal with a goal to support quality journalism and thought leadership through new revenue streams and distribution channels for the future media industry.

Telenor Norge AS 967 631
Location:Oslo, Norway
Employees:4400 (in 2013)

Telenor Logo
Telenor (Ticker: TEL) is the former norwegian national telecommunications provider and one of the major actors in mobile telecommunications worldwide. It's history dates back to the 1855 founding of the Norwegian Telegraph Service, while the current Norwegian branch of the telecom operator was established through privatization in 1996.

Norske systemarkitekter AS (NSA) 116 712
Location:Oslo, Norway
Employees:60 (in 2011)

NSA Logo
NSA was a Norwegian IT consulting and operations company with head offices in Oslo and various subsidiaries including NSA South in Kristiansand. Founded in 1995 the company was Norway's leading community of expertise on implementation and management of database solutions, middleware technology and applications based on Oracle and Open Source software. The company went defunct in September 2012 but was acquired and kept operating as part of the Inmeta Crayon group.

Itera Consulting AS / Objectware AS 555 465
Location:Oslo, Norway
Established:1994 (as Objectware AS)
Employees:120 (in 2011)

Itera Logo

Objectware Logo
Itera Consulting (formerly Objectware) is one of Norways leading consulting companies in professional services, and is renown for its competence in component based development and service oriented architectures. It delivers customer value through enterprise portals, building custom solutions and providing business consulting. Itera Consulting is part of the scandinavian Itera Group (Ticker: ITE) offering next generation business solutions for knowledge workers along through its range of subsidiaries.

Computas AS 352 325
Location:Lysaker, Norway
Employees:170 (in 2008)

Computas Logo
Computas is a Norwegian consulting company delivering services, solutions and products for technology-aided knowledge and process-management. The company originally spun out of the computer division of Veritas in 1985, but are now fully employee-owned and one of Norway's leading suppliers of knowledge and process administration tools for both the public and private sectors.

SearchForce Inc.

Location:San Mateo, California, USA
Employees:10 (in 2006)

SearchForce Logo
SearchForce is a privately-held, early-stage venture company based in Silicon Valley, California. Its solutions allow large advertisers to effectively manage large-scale, paid search marketing campaigns across multiple pay-per-click (PPC) search engines through a web-based interface. The centralized management system and automated bidding algorithms eliminate usage of spreadsheets, manual tracking processes and guesswork, thereby providing exponential efficiency gains in ROI and campaign management.

Lefdal Elektromarked A/S 850 742
Location:Trondheim, Norway
Employees:Approx. 30 (per warehouse)

Lefdal Logo
Lefdal Elektromarked is a Norwegian chain of retail stores selling consumer electronics, house-hold appliances, audio and video equpipment, computers and mobile phones. The chain has large warehouses in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim and is an independently operated subsidary of Dixons Group International in cooperation with the Elkjøp Group, another Dixons subsidary in Norway.

The Meleth Project

Location:Brisbane, Australia
Employees:6 (in 2004)

Global Messenger Logo
The Meleth Project was an upstart company by John Lagettie with the goal of combining instant messaging and online dating services. An application called the Global Messenger was beeing developed in cooperation with the Universidad de La Habana, with a planned goal of global deployment.

Destination Harstad AS (previously Harstad & Omland Arrangement A/S) 341 573
Location:Harstad, Norway
Employees:8 (in 2002)

Destination Harstad Logo
Destination Harstad is a regional sales and tourism-marketing company for the areas of southern Troms and Ofoten. The counties covered are Harstad, Bjarkøy, Skånland, Gratangen, Tjeldsund and Evenes. The company manages the tourist-information office in Harstad and acts as a host for visitors to the region. It also organizes sightseeing trips and guiding services in Norwegian, English, German, French and Italian, and coordinates calls at Harstad port by cruiseships.

Royal Norwegian Coastal Artillery


Coastal Artillery Logo
For 103 years the Coastal Artillery branch of the Norwegian military commanded a series of coastal fortresses and other defensible installations along the coast of Norway, and was faced with the task of defending the Norwegian shoreline and act as operational bases for the Navy in case of war. However due to the changing requirements of a modern military the Coastal Artillery were decommissioned in 2002 and its holdings and personnell joined with the Royal Norwegian Navy.

To-Foto A/S 995 785
Location:Harstad, Norway
Employees:17 (in 2000)

To-Foto Logo
To-Foto originally started as a photostore for private customers, but expanded to also include professional photography and advertisements, a framing workshop and manufacturing of postcards, souvernirs and other products. They have since scaled back to focus on operating the largest image archives in northern Norway and providing advanced digital print services.

Radio Harstad - ungdomsradioen! 583 157
Location:Harstad, Norway
Employees:Approx. 80

Radio Harstad Logo
Radio Harstad is the only exclusively youth operated radio station in Norway. It is a county-run welfare project to give teenagers aged between 14 and 18 a meaningful hobby and work experience. The teenagers perform all the work required to run the station, ranging from development of shows to technical production and presentation of broadcasts. The only adult supervision is by Reidulf Solbakken, the liable editor for the station, who leaves as much as possible to be decided by the teenagers performing daily operations. Shows ranges from news and current event productions, music productions, radio-bingo and thematic competitions.

Other companies

In addition to those mentioned in detail above, I have also been involved with the following companies:
  • Harstad Sykehus - The public hospital in the city of Harstad, part of Hålogalandssykehuset.
  • Harstad Tidende - The major local newspaper for the region around the city of Harstad.