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Information about the non-commercial organizations that I have been involved with.

Programvarestiftelsen Cantara

Location:Oslo, Norway
Members:~1200 members

Cantara Logo
Cantara is an organization dedicated to building an open community around sharing knowledge in the area of software development. We believe that an open and sharing community is in everyone's interest, as it makes the software market more mature and efficient.

Gründerskolen Alumni

Location:Oslo, Norway
Members:~2000 members

GSA Logo
Gründerskolen Alumni is an alumni-organization for former students at the Norwegian School of Entpreneurship programme organized by the University of Oslo. The organization seeks to be a valuable business network for former students and an inspiration for future members. It operates in close partnership with the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Oslo.

First Tuesday Oslo

Location:Oslo, Norway
Members:~5000 members

First Tuesday Logo
First Tuesday Oslo is a regular networking event focused on IT and entrepreneurship that has been going on since the fall of 1999 when the Oslo was one of the ten first cities in the world to establish a First Tuesday network. Since then the Oslo event become the only continiously operating First Tuesday network in the world, with about 5000 registered members and events on average held quarterly until fizzling out around 2015 and shutting down in 2019.

Start NTNU / Start Norway

Location:Trondheim, Norway
Members:20-40 organizers
~1200 participants

Start NTNU Logo
Start NTNU is a student organization working to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among students and staff at NTNU. They achieve this by having courses, conferences, events and networking events focusing on business start-ups. The organization is non-profit and apolitical, and is run entirely by voluntary students with support from various commercial and government sectors entities. Start NTNU is one of about a dozen partners of Start Norway, an umbrella-organization for similar organizations at other universities and colleges throughout Norway. They are also cooperating loosely with the youth leadership organizations Start Global, JADE and Junior Chamber International.
The vision of Start is "Create your own future!"

Nettverksgruppa (NVG)

Location:Trondheim, Norway
Members:~450 active
~1500 registered

NVG Logo
Nettverksgruppa (NVG), meaning "The networking group", is an association at the Institute of Computer science and informatics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. NVG is a meeting place for students and staff with an deep interested in computers and communications technology and who want to explore this interest in a social and technologically challenging environment, as well as for people who would like to meet others interested in these topics. The organization provides computing resources in labs and server-rooms for members to play and learn on a wide range of hardware and software, from old super-computers to Sun workstations and specialized 3D-graphics terminals.

International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT)

Location:Trondheim, Norway
Members:350 organizers
450 participants

ISFiT Logo
ISFiT is a student festival held in Trondheim, Norway every two years. By bringing together students from many different parts of the world, the arrangeres want to create an event that would be both a conference and a festival. ISFiT has grown to become the world's largest thematic student festival with more than 105 countries represented in 2001 and allows a diversity of young people get the opportunity to meet each other. The festival aims to be an arena for overcoming cultural, political and religious borderlines, in order to promote tolerance and understanding.
The topic for ISFiT 2003 was "Challenging Attitudes".

Trondheim Teknikersamfunn (TTS) - Laiv og Spill-gruppa (LoS)

Location:Trondheim, Norway
Established:1912 (TTS)
2001 (LoS)
Members:10 active /
~50 reg.(LoS)
~1000 (TTS)

TTS Logo

LoS Logo
TTS (Trondheim Technician Society) is a politically independent and voluntary run organization aiming to better the social and professional extracurricular environment for all students at HiST - Sør-Trøndelag University College. It has been doing this since 1912 through a range of partially independent subgroups working to promote their various fields of interests, like climbing, diving, photography, sports, religion and wine-tasting.
The gaming interest group (LoS) is the most recent addition to this list and was started in 2001 by a small group of gamers, but it quickly gained a following of more than 30 members, putting it among the larger subgroups of TTS. LoS gives its members the opportunity to relax and unwind through playing a wide range of games, from RPG's to boardgames and cardgames, and also provide tools for producing and reparing LARP-equpipment.

Trondheim Ingeniørhøgskoles Linjeforening for Dannede EDB'ere (TIHLDE)

Location:Trondheim, Norway
Members:~100 active
~1500 registered

TIHLDE is the fraternity for students at the Department of Informatics at Sør-Trøndelag University College. TIHLDE has the purpose of furthering the social and technical interactions between students at the department, and it achieves this through providing a student linux-server, a library of technical books, subscriptions to IT-magazines, computer labs for personal computers and a range of social gatherings like parties, paintball, cinema showings and competitions.

Hoffselva Boligsameie

Location:Oslo, Norway
Members:80 units
Hoffselva Boligsameie is an apartment co-ownership in the Sjølyststranda development area of Skøyen municipality in Oslo, Norway. It has a board elected among the inhabitants that takes care of communal issues with the building and services. The co-ownership manages the communal areas and services jointly owned and used by the individual apartment-owners and residents.

Other organizations

In addition to those organizations mentioned in detail above, I have also been a member of or involved with the following organizations: