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Freelance and independent work experience

Overview of paid and voluntary freelancing and other independent work.

Founder and angel investor
Location:Oslo, Norway
Duration:Dec 2019 - present
Due to my interest in entrepreneurship and startups I started this holding company as a vehicle for my angel investments and independent consulting.

Founder and chocolate connoisseur
Location:Oslo, Norway
Duration:Aug 2009 - present
From a personal passion for fine dark chocolate I started my own entrepreneur business for organizing chocolate tasting events in Norway which I've also expanded into an eCommerce site for quality chocolate. I'm available to host courses for businesses, organizations and private gatherings as well as organizing open events for the general public. Contact me for details or see for more information about my events and chocolates for sale.

Speaker, trainer and event organizer

Duration:Apr 2006 - present
In relation to my professional field and interests I often accept work as an independent speaker and trainer, for instance holding team-building sessions around my chocolate tasting events. Please contact me if you would like my chocolate event or any of my other talks held at your organization.

Business adviser

Ekte Sjokolade AS
Location:Oslo, Norway
Duration:March 2009 - Jun 2011
A random meeting at a networking event got me in contact with Trond Strand, a chocolate entrepreneur who won the second season of the Norwegian television show 'Skaperen' on TV2. Due to my interst in chocolate and my background in entrepreneurship I got involved as an advisor for Trond during the starting of the company Ekte Sjokolade and the launch of its new healthy chocolate products. I've since been acting as a special advisor in matteres related to business, IT, and the chocolate industry.

Business developer

Various start-ups
Location:Oslo, Norway
Silicon Valley, California, USA
Duration:Jan 2006 - Sept 2007
As part of my education at Gründerskolen we were required to write business plans for actual real-life business ideas. My Venture Cup team worked on a new type of medical technology for URI-as, while in High-tech startups the team researched marine automation technology as Automaton Industries. In addition I've been working on several other venture projects both independently and with others.


Harstad Hospital
Location:Harstad, Norway
Duration:Feb 1997 - Apr 1997
Due to my interest in and knowledge about websites and the Internet I were awarded the task of creating the first websites for Harstad Hospital as an independent consultant through personal connections. The site I created were replaced in 2002.