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Professional work

An overview of the wide range of client projects where I've contributed

Consulting projects at NSA

Time:November 2011 ⇒ November 2012
Location:Oslo Area, Norway
Employer:Norske Systemarkitekter AS
While employed as a consultant at NSA I continued to participate in a range of projects for various clients, including the following:
Sep - Oct 2012CourseholderNorwegian Public Roads Authority
Aug - Sep 2012ConsultantNorwegian Nurses Organisation
May - Aug 2012ConsultantBank of Norway
Jun - Jul
Apr - May 2012WebdeveloperRjukan Data Center
Jan - Apr 2012ConsultantIce Fish
Nov 2011 - Oct 2012CourseholderStatistics Norway

Other projects at Itera Consulting

Time:January 2009 ⇒ November 2011
Location:Oslo, Norway
Employer:Itera Consulting AS
Platforms:Confluence, Sharepoint, Jira
Tools:Expression Blend, Jira
Technologies:J2EE, C#.NET, HTML5+CSS
During my time at Itera Consulting I have in addition to the public projects listed seperatly also participated in a range of internal projects for various organizations for which I can not provide any details, as well as being a lesser participant to varying degrees in several minor projects. These have been listed below to provide an exhaustive overview of my project and client experience:
Aug - Nov 2011Interaction designerKLP
May - Jun 2011Information architectStatens Pensjonskasse
Apr - May 2011CourseholderAvinor
(Norwegian Airport Authority)
Apr 2011WebdeveloperPortable CV
Nov - Dec 2010Business AnalystIf... (Insurance)
Jul - Aug 2010WebdeveloperNorsk Tipping
(Norwegian Lottery Authority)
Mar - May 2010Business AnalystInnovation Norway
Mar 2010Business AnalystStorebrand (Insurance)
Jan - Mar 2010ConsultantKLP
Jan - Feb 2009ConsultantInnovation Norway
Jan 2009ConsultantFinanstilsynet

Website for Oslo and Akershus University College

Role:Information architect
Time:February ⇒ June 2011
Location:Oslo, Norway
Employer:Itera Consulting AS
Itera Gazette AS
Platform:eZ Publish
Tools:Axure, Balsamiq
Methodologies:Itera Experience Design
Gerry McGoverns Customer Carewords
Donna Spencer IA
With the University Colleges of Oslo and Akershus merging in August 2011 they needed a new and innovative joint website for the new organization. I was chosen as the head information architect for this user-oriented project and was in charge of developing the coneceptual structure and organizational plan for the website. In addition I was also involved in the interaction design of the site as well as the digital strategy for the organization. To best support the needs of both content-providers and end-users we created an innovative new information architecture based on separated presentation and administration structures. The project went on to win an award for Communicator of the Year at the 2011 Fifth Annual Itera Gazette Awards.

Website for BI Norwegian Business School

Role:Interaction architect
Time:September 2010 ⇒ April 2011
Location:Oslo, Norway
Employer:Itera Consulting AS
Methodologies:Donna Spencer IA
The previous version of the website for the BI Norwegian Business School was not built to satisfaction. I was selected as head interaction architect in charge of planning and coordinating the information architecture and interaction design of a v2.0 of the site. is an content-heavy multi-lingual website running on EPiServer 6 and multiple custom components, so the work was performed as a user-oriented design process in close cooperation with the client and other contractors in areas that affected the website.

Moonwalk RED campaign website

Role:Project manager and webdeveloper
Time:June ⇒ August 2010
Location:Oslo, Norway
Employer:Itera Consulting AS
Technologies:PHP, HTML5, CSS
I managed the technical implementation of the campaign website Moonwalk RED for the Norwegian Red Cross. The site was built on Wordpress with heavy customizations and using Mailpress for newsletters functionality.

Friprogsenterets Prosjektportal

Role:Information architect
Time:Feburary ⇒ September 2009
Location:Oslo, Norway
Employer:Objectware AS
Platform:Liferay / Webspace
Technologies:J2EE, JSR168
I participated as an information architect and project advisor at the development of a Web 2.0 project portal by the Norwegian Center for Free Software (Friprogsentret). The portal was created as free software based on the Sun Glassfish Webspace server that forked from the Liferay CMS project, including a range of adapted portlets.

City of Oslo Project Management Wiki

Role:Interaction architect and Confluence specialist
Time:March 2009 ⇒ May 2010
Location:Oslo, Norway
Employer:Objectware AS
Platform:Atlassian Confluence with plugins
Technologies:J2EE, XHTML, CSS
Methodologies:Objectware Experience Framework
Having had big challenges with managing their internal projects the City of Oslo (capital of Norway) needed a new project management tool to gain better overview of and control with their projects. They wanted something based on collaborative and agile principles and a design proposal I developed based on the Atlassian Confluence Enterprise Wiki won the tender-competition. Along with a small team I built a structured Confluence site through the use of various plugins and custom design to act as an agile project management tool based on the needs and requirements of the city. This was followed by Confluence consulting tasks for variuos city departments, including the Office of Development, the Department of Education, the Port of Oslo and the 02180 Office of Communication.

MATS - Business system for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority

Role:Developer and interaction designer
Time:November 2006 ⇒ December 2008
Location:Oslo, Norway
Employer:Computas AS
Platform:Computas Framesolutions
Tools:Eclipse / IntelliJ, NetBeans, SQL Developer, Cygwin, Jboss, Maven, Oracle, webMethods, SubVersion, VersionManager, TeamTrack, VQWiki
Technologies:J2EE, JSP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, JasperReports, WordML
Methodologies:Spiral Waterfall,
MATS was a $100 million project to develop a joint business system to support and replace the more than 40 existing systems that were in use by the various departments and authorities which in 2004 was merged to form the new Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The project was initially based on the spiral waterfall model on a PS2000 contract but soon after went agile with the Scrum methodology of software engineering. The system uses the Computas FrameSolutions process-workflow tools as a base for supporting a desktop Java-application as well as web-based forms integrated with the Norwegian public-reporting portal for self-service by external users.

I participated in the MATS project from the beginning of the main development stage and throught three development phases and the first maintenance phase over a period of two years. During this time I primarily performed development and maintenance on the web and database-layers of the system, but also interaction design on the desktop application and some integration work with external systems.
The MATS system eventually went on to become a Gold Winner in the Public Sector category of the 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management as well as recieving the Norwegian Better Government Award in 2013.

Mimesis Intranet system

Time:September 2006 ⇒ March 2007
Location:Lysaker, Norway
Employer:Computas AS
Platform:EPiServer 4 / 5
Tools:Visual Studio .NET, MS-SQL Server, Perforce, MS-SQL
Technologies:C#.NET, VB.NET, XHTML, CSS, Javascript
Methodology:Case-based maintenance
While at Computas I worked on maintaining the company intranet system; Mimesis. This included upgrading Mimesis to support new versions of Agresso ERP and other business systems that the intranet depended on, and I was also part of the development team tasked with designing and building a new and upgraded intranet system based on the new EPiServer 5 CMS-platform.

Web-Org Intranet & Content Management System

Role:Project Manager and webdeveloper
Time:August 2004 ⇒ May 2006
Location:Trondheim, Norway
Employer:Start NTNU
Tools:Windows 2003 Server,
Visnetic Mailserver,
CVS, UltraEdit
Technologies:PHP + HTML4
CSS, Javascript
During my Masters-degree studies I was part of Start NTNU, students for innovation, as a voluntary member. The organization was in need of a new intranet system so I joined up with Jan-Helge Maurtvedt to build one based on my previous experience from the ISFiT intranet system. In just a few months we completed a full Intranet CMS-system with a wide range of administrative features particularily suited for organizations with many physically seperate and independently operating departments. The system ended up being in common use for about 5 years before being replaced with a more modern solution.

Meleth Global Messenger

Role:Project Coordinator
Time:March ⇒ August 2003
Location:Brisbane, Australia
Employer:The Meleth Project
Tools:Visual Studio .NET
Technologies:C# / ASP.NET
While completing my bachelors degree in Australia I participated in the development of the Meleth Global Messenger as a Project Coordinator. The Global Messenger is an end user client providing capabilities of Instant Messaging, P2P file-sharing, Online Dating and content aggregation within a single application. It uses the custom built Meleth network protocol for P2P-distributing traffic and traversing NAT's and firewalls.
My primary responsibilities was managing internal communication between developers in Cuba, testers in India and the project management team in Australia, as well as assigning and supervising tasks and keeping an overview of the entire system. I also performed code-review and web-site development for the project in addition to providing other tehcnical expertise and consulting.

The ISFiT Intranet and IT-services

Time:September 2002 ⇒ April 2003
Location:Trondheim, Norway
Tools:GNU Linux,
Technologies:PHP + HTML4
The International Student Festival in Trondheim is a gathering of about 550 participants from around the world to debate and learn from each other to help stake out the road ahead for a better world in the future. I particpated as a member of the 6 person IT-group responsible for development of the intranet system and external websites for the festival. Lead by Eirik Mo during multiple festivals the IT group built an extensive intranet system providing content management, internal communcation, administration, participant evaluation, selection and registration. The work also included installation, technical support and maintenance for the workstations of the more than 300 other functionaries working for the festival.

Harstad Hospital website

Time:September 1997
Location:Harstad, Norway
Employer:Harstad Hospital
Project-size:8 static pages + Graphics
Paint Shop Pro
As a freelance webdesigner for Harstad Hospital I created their first static website. The work consisted of designing and implementing all pages with relevant menus and content, as well as neccessary graphics to suit.
The site was in use by the hospital without major modifications for about 5 years.

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