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Talks and courses

An overview of the presentations and public talks I have given.

My recorded talks on Vimeo

Slides for my public presentations

Summary of all public talks I have held

24 Oct 2016Kvalitetssikring med Gartner-metode - funker det?Conference talkSmidig 2016Oslo, Norway
02 Nov 2015Bedre verdirealisering fra smidige leveranserConference talkSmidig 2015Oslo, Norway
11 Sep 2014Combining .NET and Java in an
enterprise web publishing platform
Conference talkJavaZone 2014Oslo, Norway
5 Nov 2013Strukturert wiki - en selvmotsigelse?Conference talkSmidig 2013Oslo, Norway
13 Feb 2013Åpne data i praksisConference talkSoftware 2013Oslo, Norway
5 Nov 2012Smidig prosjekter på dypt vannConference talkSmidig 2012Oslo, Norway
13 Sep 2012ÅpenhetssamfunnetConference talkJavaZone 2012Oslo, Norway
23 Apr 2012ÅpenhetssamfunnetConference talkGoOpen 2012Oslo, Norway
8 Feb 2012Oslo Open Data ForumTrack hostSoftware 2012 /
Communities in Action
Oslo, Norway
12 Jan 2012Building a boat on the water:
Improving UX in established solutions
Meetup topicFramsia MeetupOslo, Norway
25 May 2011Building a boat on the water:
Improving UX in established solutions
Conference talkRoots ConferenceBergen, Norway
22 Mar 2011On Open Data and the Semantic WebConference talkGoOpen 2011 /
Communities in Action
Oslo, Norway
22 Mar 2011Oslo Open Data ForumTrack hostGoOpen 2011 /
Communities in Action
Oslo, Norway
19 Oct 2010Killer apps with public dataConference talkAppworks 01Oslo, Norway
09 Sep 2010Is the grass greener for wiki users?Conference talkJavazone 2010Oslo, Norway
09 Sep 2010Panel debate: Public Open DataInvited panelistJavazone 2010Oslo, Norway
02 June 2010Is the grass greener for wiki users?Conference talkXP2010Trondheim, Norway
26 May 2010A case for open dataMeetup topicOslo Open Data ForumOslo, Norway
12 Nov 2009Finding real gold with Open DataConference talkDefrag 2009Denver, Colorado, USA
22 Oct 2009Få merverdi fra ConfluenceConference talkSmidig 2009Oslo, Norway
10 Sep 2009Open Data - a goldmineConference talkJavazone 2009Oslo, Norway
17 Apr 2009A case for Open DataConference talkGoOpen 2009Oslo, Norway

Prepared topics

Better networking

0.5-1 hour I have been holding a talk on Better Networking for students at the Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship every spring for the new class since 2015.

Fine Chocolate Appreciation

1-3 hours I'm very passionate about fine chocolate, and have developed a specialized tasting event to introduce others to the finer points of chocolate tasting. My events has been used as team building activities at a range of companies and organizations in Norway and always recieves great acclaim from participants.
More details on booking me for this particular type of event can be found at my chocolate appreciation page.

Atlassian Confluence Training Classes

3-12 hours Confluence is the most widely used enterprise wiki in Norway, but most organizations see it as a grass-roots tool and fail to extract all of the potential value due to most users having no training and therefore very limited skills and experience in wiki usage. From a background of working as a Confluence usage specialist for several years I have prepared multiple levels of Confluence training classes ranging from beginner to expert-level. These classes will give participants the necessary skills to realize more value through better and more efficient usage of Confluence as part of their work. The classes have been used successfully at a wide range of Norwegian organizations ranging from small and medium sized businesses to very large public enterprises.

Open Data Essentials

10 minutes - 2 hours Being an active open data advocate and the founder of the Oslo Open Data Forum I have given many talks on topics related to the Open Data movement, particularily on current open data principles, available standards, advantages and pitfalls, and on the opening of public data and its use in private enterpises. I've spoken on these topics at a range of conferences and other events as can be seen above, as well as having held internal courses on open data for several companies.

The Semantics of HTML5

30 minutes - 1 hour This talk gives an introduction to the purposes and usage of the new semantic markup tags that are part of the HTMl5 draft specification, and details how the use of semantic markup on a website can be a valuable asset in regard to future search engine optimization and data reuse. The talk has been held as company internal training for developers and UX consultants.

Site Seeing Highlights

30 minutes - 1 hour Based on a workshop I attended at the Yggdrasil 2007 usability conference I have developed a highlights session of this topic to communicate the essentials of the Site Seeing method of evaluating website usability. The session has been held at several companies as internal training for webdevelopers, UX consultants and business analysts.

Essential sales for store employees

2-4 hours From working with in-store sales and attending a range of comprehensive courses in sales and presentation techniques over several years I have developed a comprehensive introductory course in sales techniques, including custom made hand-out study materials and refresher booklets. The course has been held for several small and medium businesses and has recieved good feedback.

Please contact me to have any of my talks or courses held for your organization.