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Volunteer positions and offices held

Volunteer work, position of trust and offices for which I have been elected, appointed or otherwise entrusted.


Cantara community
Location:Oslo, Norway
Duration:Dec 2018 - present
Cantara is an organization dedicated to building an open community around sharing knowledge in the area of software development. We believe that an open and sharing community is in everyone's interest, as it makes the software market more mature and efficient.

Founder and organizer

Oslo Open Data Forum
Location:Oslo, Norway
Duration:Feb 2010 - present
During my employment with Itera we were encouraged to submit talks to conferences and other events. After performing several public talks on the topic of Open Data which I am passionate about, I wanted to aid the adoption and use of open data in a more direct way than just giving talks on conferences. This inspired me to become the founding organizer of the Oslo Open Data Forum, a place where open data enthusiasts can gather to network, share information and be social. This forum meets about once every two months, and it is organized through the group hosting service.


First Tuesday Oslo
Duration:Feb 2012 - Mar 2019
Being an active networker I have been a regular attendant at First Tuesday events for several years, and getting to know the current organizers I was eventually asked to help out with organizing First Tuesday Oslo, a regular held networking event with about 5000 registered members and several hundred participants in attendance for each event which is usually held quarterly.

Control committee member

Start Norway
Duration:Sep 2009 - Sep 2011
At the general assembly of fall 2009 I was elected member of the control committee on the executive board of Start Norway. The task of the control comittee is being advisors to the board, particularily in matters regarding the legalities of resolutions and motions to be carried in relation to the articles of the association and state laws. I held this position for two full terms.

Control committee member

Gründerskolen Alumni
Duration:Mar 2014 - Mar 2015
The alumni organization for students at the Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship was struggling with long term viability, so I assisted the executive board in establishing a control committee function that would aid the changing boards in managing long term development and goals for the organization. With the committee established I was appointed the first permanent member of the control committee.


Hoffselva Boligsameie
Superior:Ståle Botten (Chairman)
Location:Oslo, Norway
Duration:Feb 2008 - Apr 2011
After I began working full-time I bought an apartment and wanted to take an active part in the administration of the apartment co-ownership. I ran for and was elected to the board of the co-ownership of the building I'm living in for three consecutive terms, and have been using my skills and knowledge for the betterment of the neighbourhood. In addition to the regular schedule of issues I have among other things assisted in putting together a community-website and been the health and safety (HMS) officer on the board.

Vice President

Nettverksgruppa NVG
Superior:Asgeir Ingebrigtsen
Location:Trondheim, Norway
Duration:Dec 2004 - May 2006
In addition to my volunteer work with Start I decided to become more active in NVG (the networking group) where I have been a member since 2000. Based on my previous experience I was elected vice-president at the general assembly in 2004 and re-elected four consecutive terms until completing my studies. When I joined, the group was almost inactive except for occasional board-meetings and server management tasks, so I placed a range of suggestions and ideas in front of the board to attempt to regain some of the former activity levels in the group. During my terms the board doubled its activity and took up the organizing of social networking events and technical lectures with interesting companies and organizations, and a common vision to guide the group towards growth in the future has also been agreed upon.

Entrepreneurial Evangelist / Developer

Start NTNU
Superior:Astrid Helland
Location:Trondheim, Norway
Duration:Aug 2004 - May 2006

Positions held:
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Head of IT-department
  • Creative facilitator
  • Organizer of Fantasi: ID
  • IT-manager for StartIT
When I returned to Trondheim I considered to once again join up for ISFiT, but to instead broaden my horizons I applied to and got accepted at the entrepreneurial student organization Start NTNU instead. In Start all members are passionatly dedicated to the cause of innovation and entrepreneurship since this is where our future income will originate when the Norwegian oil runs out. Based on my experiences from ISFiT 2003, me and Jan Helge Maurtvedt designed and developed an extensive intranet-system that is currently (2009) still in use by many divisions of Start Norway. To bring this work into completion I held the position as Head of the IT-department during most of 2005. In addition to working on the intranet-system I was also the IT-manager for the event "Start IT" in 2004. This was an event where 60 students developed mobile services for the new 3rd generation networks during 24 hours in a tent in the middle of Trondheim. I also participated on the event "Fantasi" where about 100-150 students invents new business ideas in a specified field during a single day. For "Fantasi: Søppel" in 2005 I was a creative facilitator for the participants, and for "Fantasi: ID" in 2006 I was a co-organizer. At the general assembly in may 2005 I was elected Chief Information Officer on the executive board of Start NTNU. There I picked up and continued the ongoing work of my predecessors and also started several new information-related projects.

Student contact

Trade group for Advanced Mobile Services
at the Norwegian Computer Society
Superior:Frode Flægstad
Location:Trondheim, Norway
Duration:Aug 2005 - Oct 2005
While writing my specialization thesis under supervision from Frode Flægstad in Telenor Research, he mentioned that he was trying to start a trade group for advanced mobile services in the Norwegian computer society. As I found this interesting I was immediatly on board and was appointed student contact with the responsibility of marketing the group among students at the university, and especially among those studying communications technology like myself.

IT Functionary

Superior:Skjalg S. Arstad
(Group manager)
Location:Trondheim, Norway
Duration:Sept 2002 - April 2003
As I wanted to use my energy on tasks more meaningful than just studying I applied for and was accepted in the IT-group of ISFiT 2003. There my tasks consisted of intranet development in PHP and maintaining the festivals external website, in addition to installation and technical suppport of all computer-systems for the entire ISFiT organization. This includes Linux-based database, web, file and print servers as well as a range of Windows and Linux workstations and registration terminals for participants. This work was the important base upon which the festival was organized, with both participant selection, housing allocation and internal communication beeing performed with automated tools created by the IT-group. The IT-group were a part of the PR and Information department and therefore we also assisted on a range of other PR-related tasks in addition to working with IT. In addition we also helped out with many other tasks during the festival itself as most of the IT-work was then completed.


Superior:Øyvind M. Asbjørnsen
Location:Trondheim, Norway
Duration:Sept 2001 - Sept 2003
In addition to LoS and ISFiT I also took an active role in the engineering-fraternity TIHLDE while studying at HiST. First I joined the social-comittee to help planning events and activities for students. My effort was appreciated so I was elected Treasurer and member of the executive board at the next General Assembly. In this position I started a major audit and review of the accounts and archives of TIHLDE to clear up years of negligent bookkeeping, and at the same time computerizing everything with a new office computer. I also negotiated a lucrative deal with the college where TIHLDE will produce Linux-CD's that students taking Linux-courses at NVU can buy.


Sosialen @ TIHLDE
Location:Trondheim, Norway
Duration:Oct 2001 - Sept 2002
As a volunteer member of the social-committee of the student society TIHLDE at the AITeL department of Sør-Trøndelag University College, I developed and designed a dynamic website for the section to keep students informed on events and going-ons. When a joint web-framework for all sections of the student society were completed in March 2002 it also fell to me to integrate the essential elements of the old site into this new framework. This was again replaced by a new joint website in March 2004.

Co-Founder, Treasurer, Vice President

Superior:Helge Titlestad
Location:Trondheim, Norway
Duration:Jan 2002 - May 2004
While studying I got in touch with a group of people who like me enjoyed playing various kinds of boardgames. As there were no organized groups of gamers at either NTNU or HiST and the only other existing gaming-club in Trondheim didn't accept any new members we decided to start a new one. We formed the group LoS as a subgroup of Trondheim Technician Society and it quickly grew in size and economic strength to become one of the larger active subgroups of TTS with several dozen active members. I was elected Treasurer for the groups first term and handled the work of establishing accounts and operating procedures for the group, negotiating discount deals with suppliers and starting a kiosk for selling food and drink at gaming nights. After my initial term I was re-elected as Vice-President, a position I held until moving away for exchange studies in Australia.

Radio Technician / Reporter

Radio Harstad
Superior:Reidulf Solbakken
(Chief Editor)
Location:Harstad, Norway
Duration:Sept 1995 - Mar 1998
During middle-school I volunteered at the youth-run radio-station Radio Harstad as a radio-technician. There I got a basic course in broadcasting, as well as the neccessary training for both studio-work and technical tasks along the way. Later I advanced to tape-editing, field-interviews, news-broadcasts, program hosting and show planning. During my time there I also worked on both planned and spontaneous live-shows as well as on taping and editing shows for later broadcasting.

Various volunteer work

In addition to the more comprehensive involements listed above, I have also done the following other volunteer work:
  • 2006 - Freelance writer on entrepreneurship for the local newspaper Harstad Tidende.
  • 2001 - Tour-guide and filmmaker for the participants at the ISFiT Skiing-day.
  • 2001 - Developer of the first external web-based tools for the online game Hyperiums.
  • 1998/1999 - Photographer for the Class of '99 Graduation newspaper at Heggen VGS.