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Full-time and part-time work experience

Positions held, tasks performed and results achieved during various employments.

Managing Architect

Superior:Atle Bergfjord (Partner)
Location:Oslo, Norway
Duration:May 2020 - present
After the Digital-department at Atkins was shuttered I spent some time as an independent consultant to finish up my ongoing projects before joining Netcompany as a Managing Architect in a more stable but still growing and dynamic organization.

Chief Architect | CTO

SNC-Lavalin Atkins
Superior:Bobby Bastviken (CEO)
Location:Oslo, Norway
Duration:Nov 2018 - Nov 2019
While at my previous position I was approached for an opportunity to be part of building a Digital department from the ground up at the project management consultancy Atkins. I had a combined role of senior consultant for clients with additional responsiblities of mentoring junior developers and ensuring quality deliveries across all clients and projects. Due to some internal instability I was promoted to the CTO role in addition to my previous responsibilities until the department was shut down for interal political and strategic reasons.

Solution Architect

Sopra Steria Scandinavia
Superior:Stein Aarum (Team manager)
Location:Oslo, Norway
Duration:Sep 2015 - Oct 2018
After some time in the uncertain life of an entrepreneur I eventually decided to join another consulting company, and ended up choosing to join Sopra Steria as a Solution Architect. In this role I provided consulting services for various clients of Sopra Steria within the fields of technical architecture, functional architecture and information architecture.

CTO - Chief Technology Officer

Medialounge AS
Superior:Henriette Hedløv (CEO)
Location:Oslo, Norway
Duration:Sep 2014 - Mar 2015
Leaving Telenor with a severance package I decided to become a full time entrepreneur when I got the opportunity to join the startup company Medialounge AS as CTO on a temporary basis. In this position I was responsible for both strategic and hands-on handling of establishing technical platforms and services neccesary for company operations and development.

Domain Architect

Telenor Norge
Superior:Ann-Katrine Strømquist
(Team manager)
Location:Fornebu, Norway
Duration:Dec 2012 - Aug 2014
After an ardous application process I was offered a position as a Domain Architect with the Digital Channels department of the Norwegian branch of the international telcom operator Telenor. In this position I managed the long term architectural developments of portal systems and integrations delivering a range of major Telenor websites and services, in addition to the development environments required to maintain such systems.

Technology Evangelist

Norske Systemarkitekter AS (NSA)
Superior:Marius Bjønnes
(Team manager)
Location:Oslo, Norway
Duration:Nov 2011 - Nov 2012
My next opportunities came along when I was recommended for a newly established Technology Evangelist position in the middleware and consulting company NSA. There I was the Java/open-source evangelist for the Software Solutions team of consultants, which included overseeing projects, assisting with pre-sales, doing recruiting and marketing for the company in addition to regular technical consulting work. Unfortunatly the company went bankrupt within a year of me joining and I elected not to stay with the company when it came under new management by the Crayon Group.

Business Analyst

Itera Consulting AS
Superior:Kristin Halvorsen
(Division manager)
Location:Oslo, Norway
Duration:Jan 2009 - Dec 2011
After almost three years primarily as a developer I wanted to expand my horizons more towards the business-side of IT-consulting and I serendiptiously discovered the very interesting and newly created department for Digital Business Development at the IT consulting company Objectware, and was offered a position with them as a Business Analyst. In this position I worked on a wide range of projects with a focus on business development, collaborative systems, information architecture and interaction design. The company also went through some transitions during my employment and was reorganized and rebranded as Itera Consulting with tighter connections to its sister companies Itera Gazette (Communication and design) and Itera Networks (Service management and operations).

Knowledge Engineer

Computas AS
Superior:Jon E. Thrane
(Division manager)
Location:Lysaker, Norway
Duration:Sept 2006 - Jan 2009
While writing my masters thesis I applied to and was offered a full-time position with the IT consulting company Computas AS, to begin working after having completed my studies. My tasks have included software engineering, interaction design, web-development and planning work on both internal and external projects from my position in the department for Interactive Services and Web-technology. Most notably I was involved with the development of a new business-system for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, as well as doing development work on the company intranet solution.

Integration Engineer

SearchForce Inc.
Superior:Lawson Deng
(Chief Operating Officer)
Location:San Mateo, California
Duration:June 2006 - Aug 2006
As a part of the programme at the Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship I worked full-time as an intern with the upstart company Searchforce in Silicon Valley. There I did some integration work as well as script-programming and application deployment of supporting services for the other developers. I also performed service testing, security evaluations and systems maintenance when required.

IT Sales Consultant

Lefdal Elektromarket AS - Lade
Superior:Erik Gjemble
(Section manager)
Location:Trondheim, Norway
Duration:April 2005 - May 2006
Since voluntary work won't pay the rent I secured a job with the Computers and Telecom department at Lefdal Elektromarked to have in addition to my studies. The work consisted primarily of sales consulting, providing customer service, and handling returns and complaints for in-store customers at the department store at Lade. In addition to this I had various other areas of responsibility which included deciding on the assortment for some parts of the department, as well as ordering, unpacking and display cleaning of products in those areas. I also did some on-demand preparation and installation of computers and accessories for customers, as well as performing simple maintenance and customer-support to solve problems with customer owned-equipment.

Development Coordinator

The Meleth Project
Superior:John Lagettie
(Project manager)
Location:Brisbane, Australia
Duration:Feb 2004 - Aug 2004
Looking for a part-time job in addition to my studies in Australia I got in touch with John Lagettie and joined him in a start-up known by the code-name Meleth Project. I was hired as a Development Coordinator and technical consultant with the task of coordinating the information-flow and development work on a Global Messenger application created at the Universidad de La Habana, with code-review and web-site design for the service performed by Indian and Norwegian students. I also participated in meetings with partners and affiliates as a technical expert on the service, and verified expected functionality and milestones to my superiors in addition to doing website-development, user testing and suggesting feature-improvements.

Tourist guide

Destination Harstad AS
Superior:Inger Dragland
(Office manager)
Location:Harstad, Norway
Duration:June-Aug 2001&2002
Status:Full-time summer
While studying in Trondheim I spent two summers working at Destination Harstad, the tourism agency in my home town. My primary tasks were scheduled guided trips around the WW2 Adolf-artillery Gun and manning the public information service and souvernir sales at the city tourist office. I performed 1-2 hour guided tours of the Adolf-gun and its related museum in Norwegian, English and German simultaneously. In addition to these tasks I also acted as an backup guide for bus-tours of the city and for the 12th century Trondenes Church.

Marine NBC Specialist

Royal Norwegian Coastal Artillery
Superior:Fenrik Lars H. Østevoll
(Platoon commander)
Location:Herdla, Norway
Duration:Oct 1999 - Jun 2000
As there is general conscription in Norway I enrolled in the armed forces to complete the compulsary military service after finishing high school. I was assigned to the Coastal Artillery unit at Herdla Fortress outside of Bergen, and after basic training I was chosen to join the NBC and Disaster control specialist squad. Beeing top of my class in specialist-school I functioned as an assistant instructor during additional in situ training, and as well an area-commander for the security patrols and gate-sentries in our squad. As part of the training I also completed a civilian watchman course from ISV Bedriftssikring and recived both the badge of marksmanship and the large seahorse badge. While most of the training I recieved is of limited civilian use, I did get proficient in a range of skills that can be valuable in most workplaces, like for example disaster control, search and rescue, firefighting, first aid and security management.
(NBC = Nuclear, Biological, Chemical)

Photography Sales Consultant / Laboratory assistant

To-Foto A/S
Superior:Per Lind
(Store manager)
Location:Harstad, Norway
Duration:July 1998 - Dec 2000
Status:Part-time + summer
During high-school I worked part-time at To-Foto, a a medium-sized photography store where I did sales and handled customer service. This included selling binoculars, analog and digital still and video-cameras, frames and custom framing, albums, film and prints. The work also included cutting and framing photographs for customers as well as simple servicing of cameras and film-rescue. Later I was promoted to work in the photo-laboratory and perform development, printing and cutting of film and prints in addition to maintenance of the lab-machinery. Owing to my computer-expertise I were also assigned to perform other odd-tasks like image scanning and some Photoshop preparation for book pre-production when it was required.