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Europass Language Passport

An overview of my abilities in natural languages presented in the Europass standard format.

  Understanding Speaking Writing
  Reading Listening Spoken interaction Spoken production Written production
Norwegian Mother tongue
English Consistently level C2 - Very Proficient user
German Consistently level B1 - Somewhat independent user
Swedish B2 C1 B2 B1 A2
Danish C1 B2 B1 - Independent user A2
Spanish A2 A1 - Basic user No skill
Dutch A2 A1 - Basic user No skill
French A2 A1 No skill

Summary of levels used

A1 - Very limited basic knowledge of the language
A2 - Good basic knowledge of the language
B1 - Somewhat independent user of the language
B2 - Highly independent user of the language
C1 - Proficient user of the language
C2 - Very proficient user in all aspects of the language

Adequate use of a language for business purposes require a skill-level of minimum B1.
See this guide for a more detailed description of the various skill-levels in relation to each skill type.

Explanatory note

The Europass Language Passport is part of the European Language Portfolio developed by the Council of Europe. It uses the 6 European levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) to record the levels of language proficiency achieved in a standardised format. Go here for more info on the Europass Language Passport and the European Language Portfolio. The template of the Europass language passport can be downloaded free of charge from these websites.
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