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Primary qualifications

The fields of expertise where my proficiency is on a professional level.

Information architecture and interaction design

From my background in communications technology and an affinity for structure and organization I find myself naturally in roles related to information architecture and the related fields of interaction design, both whom fit under the umbrella of user experience work.

Subscribing to methodologies by: Jesse James Garret, Donna Spencer, Gerry McGovern, Luke Wroblewski

Creativity, collaboration and information management

My background in innovation combined with my work as a business analyst and a desire to work in the cross section of business and technology has enabled me to become experienced in an array of fields related to business consulting, such as business process management, creative processes and collaboration tech.

Collaboration and portals: Confluence Enterprise Wiki, Mediawiki, Sharepoint, Alfresco, Liferay, ePhorte
Project and content management: Atlassian Jira, Serena TeamTrack, EPiServer, Movable Type, Wordpress
Creative facilitation: Various creative processes, idea generation, innovation systems, workshop management

Webdevelopment and design

Based on my interest in networks and the Internet I taught myself the skills of HTML and webdesign during high-school. Combined with the solid basis in programming and database theory that I learned during my degrees, I am now skilled in the development of advanced Web-applications.

Webdesign & scripting: HTML4, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, VBscript, Actionscript
Webdevelopment: PHP, Perl, Python, JSP, Java, ASP.NET, C#
Data-storage: SQL, XML, XSLT,

Application development

One of the basic skills of computer science is programming, which is the foundation for a lot of the expertise listed on this page. Through my many years of study I have learnt to program applications in many different languages both through courses and from personal interest. I have gained a solid theoretical foundation behind algorithms and the design of special-purpose applications, and through certifications like the SCJP combined with years of experience I have become av very able programmer.

Programming languages: Java, Pascal, Smalltalk-80, C#, C, C++, VB
Scripting languages: BASH, Groovy, Perl, Python
IDE-tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, PHP Designer, Borland Delphi, Squeak, Visual Studio.NET
Other tools: JProfiler, webMethods, PDFReactor

Information security

With a skillset based around networks such as mine there is a need to secure and protect both the networks and its services from malicious hackers and programming errors. Through a series of classes and hands-on experience I have learnt the skills required to create reliable systems, including everything from Intrusion Detetction Systems and firewalls to applied cryptography and by-the-book security audits, and I am familiar with the Common Criteria and ISO27002 security standards.

Security: Cryptography, secure coding practices, intrustion detection, systems hardening (firewalls, etc.)
Standards: IPsec, VPN, SSH, PGP, X.509, OpenID, LDAP
Applications: Tripwire, Portsentry, Logcheck, Norton suite, AVG suite, HijackThis, Ethereal, TOR, Kerberos


Other competencies

Supporting skills as well as talents on the side of my primary areas of expertise.

Systems administration

Through my combination of personal interest, education and work I have often needed to install, configure and maintain various servers and applications to support my needs. With my education and experience in IT this has developed to a full set of skills in professional systems deployment and administration. I am naturally running my own Linux server with a range of supporting services for my digital life, including this website. See my general computing section for user level skills in OSs, applications and web-services.

Operating systems:
Windows server-systems: 2003 Server, 2000, NT4
Unix flavours: GNU/Linux (Debian & Red Hat), FreeBSD, OpenBSD

Server applications:
Development support: SubVersion, Maven, CruiseControl, Cygwin
Communication servers: Apache1+2, IIS, Exim, VisNetic, Qmail, Sendmail
Data servers: Samba, ProFTPD, Pure-FTPD, mySQL, PostgreSQL, BerkleyDB
Personal publishing: Wordpress, Movable Type, Greymatter

Network technology, design and services

From my early years of computing around 1995 I have been building computer networks and tried to make things interconnect, and through my education I have focused this interest to a professional skill. I've worked and assisted on many wired and wireless small to medium sized networks since those first LAN-parties many years ago. This includes most types of Ethernet-technologies with configurable routers and switches, and I also have a solid theoretical background on a range of other technologies. A natural extension to my interest in networks and programming have been a focus on software services and applications for various kinds of networks. Through regular university classes and as part of extra-curricular activities I programmed everything from small proxy-servers to developing large intranet-systems and e-commerce sites.

Architectures: LAN, WAN, Wireless, PAN, Internet
Technologies: Ethernet, wLAN (802.11), Bluetooth, DSL, GSM, UMTS, WiMAX, ATM

Project management and organization

Due to the immense workloads and decision-processed required to perform large scale software development there has been much devotion to project based working throughout my studies. Having been required to perform projects with dozens of different people from all over the world I have become experienced in working with and organizing groups with strangers from various cultures, and I have experience in the use of UML, SDL, ASN.1 and other languages and procedures for systems planning. Also I have experience from a range of vouluntary work at student organizations like Start NTNU, ISFiT, NVG, TTS/LoS and Tihlde. I am currently studying the PMBOK and ITIL standards on my own, as well as learning strategic management and operations.

General computing and OS-knowledge

Since becoming computer literate around 1991 I have been using with a wide range of different operating systems and computers. With many systems I have tweaked and experimented to become proficient in all their aspects, while with others I have only experience as a user. Through this experimentation I have become very experienced in building and maintaining x86 PC-based computer hardware. I am also experienced in the use of many common applications on the different systems, as listed below.

Windows desktop-systems: Vista, XP Home/Pro, ME, 95, 98, Windows 3.x
Other operating systems: MS-DOS 5.x-7.x, MacOS X, MacOS 9

Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Visio, Project, Outlook, Frontpage, Messenger
Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Acrobat, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, GoLive
Google Desktop Pack: Google Desktop, Google Earth, Picasa, SketchUp, Google Talk
Text & document-managers: OpenOffice, UltraEdit32, Notepad++, Editpad
Multimedia tools: Winamp, Media Player, Intervideo WinDVD, VLC Player, Pinnacle Studio
Internet tools: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, PuTTY, FlashFXP, mIRC, BitComet, Skype
Graphics suites: Corel PaintShop Pro, ACDSee Pro, AutoPano Pro, MGI PhotoVista, Microangelo, IrfanView
Collaboration tools: Confluence, Jira, VQWiki, Teamtrack, Sharepoint, EPiServer, Agresso

Photography, videography and digital editing

Through the needs of webdesign I picked up experience in digital graphics design, which further spawned an interest in digital photo-editing that gave me a reason learn photography skills. Wanting more than what still-image photography could provide, the rapid evolution of consumer technology brought me the neccessary tools to learn myself all about movie-making, from filming to digital-editing and special effects. So in addition to beeing an experienced user of both still and videocameras I am self-taught in the use of the Adobe Creative Suite for photo and video editing and manipulation.

Physical safety and security measures

Complementing my knowledge of information security is my military background in crisis-management and physical security deployment, as well as beeing trained in civilian guarding services and security equipment. My military background consists of both general guard-duty and beeing a security commander, as well as general crisis-prevention, NBC-threath alleviation and firefighting.

Distributed applications and systems

As a graduate in communications technology there has been a lot of focus on the shift from the large distributed systems of the intelligent telephone networks to the simple packet-switching of the Internet, including how to design and implement reliable and scaleable services on both kinds of systems. From my studies I gained hands-on experience using SDL and JGroup for this, as well as implementing services from scratch.

Strategic corporate-economics

Along with studying project management I have also put some attention into the economic aspects of running a business. I have taken several electives that have taught on the basics of economic planning in corporations from a technology-centric perspective, with a focus on planning for profit maximation and corporate structuring for viable future growth. Attention has also been given to the competetive and legal issues of starting and running globally focused high-tech businesses.