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Portfolio of my creative works

Webdesign and site-development

Webdesign portfolio
Editors:IDM Ultraedit32
Dreamweaver MX
Microsoft Frontpage
PHP Designer
Graphics:Adobe Photoshop
Corel Paint Shop Pro
From the moment I heard about the internet way back in 1994 I started creating webpages. The first one I created in MS-DOS edit.exe on a computer with neither a browser nor a modem, we didn't even have internet in our house! For graphics I used a beta version of Paint Shop Pro v1.12 that I got on a disk in the PCFormat magazine, and I had to visit a friend who was connected to get it uploaded and published.
While those days are over, with my interest peaked I quickly taught myself the ins and outs of both HTML and graphical webdesign. After years of training I am now a professional in web design and can make the browser output anything my imagination can concieve, so mostly its my creativity coming up short :-) See my webdesign portfolio for some of the works I have done.

Photography and Photoshopping

Photo portfolio
Cameras:Canon EOS 400D
Canon Ixus 300HS,850IS,40,IIs
Agfa ePhoto 1280
+ various 135mm
Editing:Adobe Photoshop
Corel Paint Shop Pro
ACDSee Pro
MGI Photovista
AutoPano Pro gallery
Like most people with a taste for travelling I am into photography and photoediting at an amateur level. From time to time I manage to get some really great shots with the camera, and other times some panorama-stitching or slight editing brings my work to perfection. After spending lots of time retouching images and doing website-design I've gotten quite adept at photoshopping, and hence have started to play around a bit with pure computer graphics and other image manipulations as well. Check out my photo portfolio and the links for samples of my work.

Movie production

Film portfolio
Camera:Sony DHC-PC120 Handycam
Extras:Sony VLC-0637H Wideangle Lens
Editing:Adobe Premiere Pro
Spending a year in Australia was an experience that pictures cannot justify in full, so I got myself a camcorder and starting making little memorable movie-clips from large and small experiences, usually in the form of travel-diaries or mood-reports. Unfortunatly movie editing is quite time-consuming so I've fallen a bit behind on editing and have a growing amount of raw-tape lying around, but eventually there will be plenty of clips available!
Also I'm considering to try out production of more actionfilled or funny clips, or maybe even some serious short-films.


Editors:IDM Ultraedit
IntelliJ IDEA
Visual Studio
Borland Delphi
Visual Basic
After my interest for computing was peaked I got interested in how you can get the computer to do what you want. Experimenting with .bat files led to an apetite for programming, and through studying computer-science I learned the details behind the inner-workings of a computer, and its manifestation in many different programming languages. Over the years I have developed a small selection of scripts and programs, some as part of university courses and others simply out of personal interest. Details on these can be found on my applications page.