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Applications by Svein-Magnus

Some projects where I have personally have been essential in creating the application.

Personal Inventory Database

Version:0.2 (December 2006)
Status:Pre-Alpha. Abandoned.
Type:Community website
Size:~1000 lines of code
Copyright:All rights reserved.
As I have been in need of a good system to index all my belongings so that I have a registry of everything in case of an insurance claim or just to keep on top of things, I decided to design a system of my own.
Current features: Item registration and listing in multiple locations and categories. User and category administration. Secure login.
Planned improvements: Item editing, multiple-page lists, improved visuals, better multi-user support and bugfixes.

Web-Org CMS for Organizations

Version:2.x (April 2006)
Status:Production usage.
Type:Custom built organizational intranet
Size:~50 000 lines of code
Copyright:All rights reserved.
As part of my participation in Start NTNU I took the initiative for building a new intranet system for the organization. For about two years I was in charge of and the main contributor to a bottom-up rewrite of the entire intranet codebase in addition to implementing a host of new functionality. After I left the organization development was continued by others that had participated in the project for several years. The system was the primary intranet system for a nation-wide student organization with several thousand users for about 6 years before being replaced.
Features: User handling, member database, document sharing, CRM-system, website CMS, mailing-lists, event handling, photo gallery, questionaires, administration panel and more.

Website widgets for weather and currency

Version:1.0 (March 2004)
Status:Final unreleased.
Size:150 lines of code
Copyright:All rights reserved.
When developing a new website for my studies in Australia I was in need of a good way to display weather forecasts and up-to-date currency rates for the places I've lived. I couldn't find any acceptable solutions online so I ended up writing my own as a PHP-module for my Movable Type based website.
Features: Weather display with integration to WeatherUnderground, Currency display with integration to Norges Bank.


Version:1.0 (May 2002)
Status:Final Release.
Size:200 lines of code
Copyright:GNU Public License
Known Usage:~15 installations (25kb)
This is a small and simple guestbookscript for personal or other low traffic webpages. It is easily modifyable for various tasks and has no requirements besides PHP4 support on the webserver. Configurations is simpe; there is none! Unzip, chmod and it should work out of the box :-)
I originally wrote this script for my own webpage but decided to modify and release it for general usage.
Current features: Text-file storage, CSS-styling, number of posts- and visits-counters.
A new version with some extended functionality and several bugfixes might be released sometime in the future.
Planned improvements: Simple spamfiltering, multiple-page view, improved CSS-styling, security and bugfixes.


Version:0.3.5 (Sept 2002)
Status:Alpha-version, unreleased.
Size:350 lines of code
Copyright:GNU Public License
For the same webpage that the phpSimpleGuestbook was created I also made a simple recursive gallery engine. Again the 'simple' means that it does not require any configuration at all, as it will simply let you browse through all the images files found in any available subdirectories of the one where the script is located.
Development on this script was halted after I started using MIG for my gallery pages. If a final realease is ever completed it will be greatly improved over the development version I used on my webpage.
Planned features: Automatic recursive menu and browsing, on-the-fly thumbnails, series-viewing, file descript.ion's.


Version:0.1.3 (April 2002)
Status:Pre-Alpha, abandoned.
Size:550 lines of code
Copyright:All rights reserved.
Based on some work I did for Tihlde and keeping with the trend of creating simple and functional scripts for easy deployment in userland I wanted to start the development of an easy to use calendar system as well. Several impractial design-decisions and high framework-dependability in my original calendar code caused me to abandon my attempts at changing it to a simple stand-alone calendar like the guestbook and the gallery. On the off chance that I should decide to complete a release version of this calendar at some time in the future I will most likely do it up from scratch.

The Escape from Big Brother

Version:1.0 (May 2001)
Status:Final Release
Type:Java Game
Size:2100 lines of code
Copyright:All rights reserved.

Escape from Big (391kb)

For a project in the university course SIF8005 Programming in Java, my team created a graphical computer game. The game is a remake of Theseus and the Minotaur, themed according to the Big Brother-television hype of 2001. The levels and gameplay is identical to the original version, but we have added sound fx, custom graphics and a highscore-list to the features.
To run the game you need a Java Virtual Machine installed on your computer. I have been having difficulties getting it to run on newer versions of the JVM, and some features does not work on these. The download includes all the classfiles and graphics required, and everything should work with a little bit of tweaking.