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Webdesign Portfolio

A selection of the websites I've designed and built in a personal capacity. - Svein-Magnus Sørensen

April 2010
Highslide JS Not having had time for private webdevelopment ever since I started working as a consultant, a redesign for my site was way overdue. With my time being limited I've also decided to retire all of my various websites except this resume site and my professional blog. While a bit late to the party, I've finally gone Web 2.0 with buttons, gradients and other visuals and customs that go with that, all of it made with HTML5 and CSS3 of course! My site is also a lot more social now with integrations to Twitter, LinkedIn and other places. The logo is made with the fonts "Gill Sans MT Ext Condensed Bold" and "Viner Hand ITC", both applied with a stroke and a variable gradient overlay. - Life as I know It

April 2005
Highslide JS With me no longer living in Australia where there was summer, sun and warmth, it was only proper to create a new layout for my personal pages. Actually this time it was just a change of colours and a new title-image, but it makes quite a difference! The logo text is the font "?" while the slogan is in "Mistral", both with 1px black stroke, inner bevel and dropshadow. - Work Hard. Play Hard.

March 2005
Highslide JS With my studies coming to an end I needed a website that said a bit more about me as an IT-professional than my previous site with a more personal blog. This was the result, with the picture in the upper-left corner beeing a slideshow of me and the subpages containing detailed information of my previous education and experience in IT. The logo is a stroked and dual-layered "Elegance" with inner bevel and a dropshadow, while the slogan is simply plain "OCR A Extended". Still based on the Movable Type engine I also used this design on my first attempt at a more professional blog. - Adventures in the South Pacific

November 2003
Highslide JS As my life in Australia moved along I got plenty of new pictures of beaches and the good life, so I eventually put up a new and more polished design for my blog. The header-picture is from the 85-mile beach at Fraser Island, the worlds largest sand-island. The titles are a double-layer of the font "Sydnie" (ironic eh?) with a 1px black stroke. - Life on the Gold Coast

June 2003
Highslide JS With me moving to Australia and starting a new blog in english I was switching to Movable Type as a blog-engine and found the yellow sands of the beaches to be a perfect backdrop for my rantings. The logo is created from a picture I took of the main beach in Puerto Ventura on Lanzarote. It has feathered edges and a title in an inner beveled yellow "Choc Ex" with a black border. The design itself is very rough as I didn't have time to perfect it and just needed something other than the default MovableType template. - Green Hell

June 2003
Highslide JS As it was no longer winter I needed a new layout, but my design sense was obviously on vacation so I ended up with this layout which I felt was really awful even then. I think this was mostly due to the green color, but it would have to do for a little while. The logo text is in the font "RealVirtue" with inner bevel. - Winterfun

March 2003
Highslide JS Another still simplistic design, but a bit more dark for the winter, but with the sun on the horizon signalling hope! Created with a picture from the swedish ski-resort Åre taken this January. I fell in love with the pic the moment I saw it and just knew I had to make a layout with it. The logo and title pics are by the font "Proteron" with the PSP snowflakes tube. - Lick the Screen

January 2003
Highslide JS My design separated architecture worked as intended, and my next one out was this simplistic design, all white and blue. I was getting bad karma from the yellow pages so I wanted something clean. The picture is from an Apple advertisement, and the logo is "Esperanza" with the polishedstone and innerbevel filters. Along with this design I also implemented the the topmenu which became a common element on all of my own websites. - Second Reality

July 2002
Highslide JS When I was getting tired of the White & Cozy layout, the site structure was too complex to bother with making a new design for it. Instead I made this new site designed to easily be adapted with new layouts, powered by the GrayMatter blog-engine. The logo picture is based on an overview of The Gathering 1999. I wanted to experiment with new colours and ended up with something yellowish. The logos are written with the "Sad Films" and "Edgewater" fonts with a slight outer bevel and a dropshadow. - Blue Boxes

June 2002
Highslide JS As I needed a place to advertise my l33t design skillz and some way to refer people to what I had made earlier, I created this page with a blue boxes design. It only contained information about me as a designer and my works. I originally intended this design to be stylish and cool, but I ended up with a more "home-made" feeling that suited my services better. The logo uses the fonts "Choc Ex" and "Dolmen" with a gradient fill and black stroke, while the menu is written in "Prefix"

Sosialen @

February 2002
Highslide JS When I started studying at HiST I joined Sosialen, a subgroup of the student organization for computer engineers. I got the task of being website-manager, and designed this temporary page to serve for about 6 months until a joint webdevelopment project for all the subgroups of Tihlde was completed. Due to its temporary natures all the details were never finished, amongst them the calendar function (which can be seen empty in the screenshot). - Dark Portal

January 2002
Highslide JS This was my first attempt at creating a portal site. It was supposed to have lots of content, as well as a multiblog and maybe forums. This layout was only a temporary thing, but I after making it the project faded away and I never got around to publishing or finishing it. I still thougth the design had potential, however coarse this early sample may be, which is why I list it here. - White & Cozy

January 2001
Highslide JS These pages were designed with a homely feel in mind and were mostly in Norwegian. I had an english part as well but without the blog and other important content pieces. They were made to be my personal homepages as opposed to the multiblog-portal I was going to create, but never completed. The pages are using frames because I was developing lots of new sub pages as time passed, and I was just learning how to use PHP as well. These served as my primary homepages until late summmer 2002.

Earlier Pages

I made a wide range of different pages before this time as well, most of them in the common style of the early nineties with separate designs for each subpage. While some of these were of quite high standard for their time, compared to webdesign beyond year 2000 they are not really much to look at so I haven't included them in this gallery. Amongst these pages were a fanpage for J.R.R. Tolkien, IRC channel infopages, picture galleries, music and poetry collections and the official pages for Harstad Hospital.